The Civic Education Program

The IFRS has established a Civic Education Program which seeks to strengthen civil society, promote community involvement and develop new ways of working together. The Program involves the training of secondary school teachers to support and cultivate the democratic skills of citizens. The goal of the program is to train how to teach the theory and practice of social study, human rights and mastering interactive methods of teaching.  Foster an understanding of everybody's crucial role in the development of civil society. IFRS cooperates with the Kyrgyz Academy of Education. More than 5000 teachers from all regions of the country have raised the qualification of qualification. Institute conducts training aimed to eradicate violence in the society. In March 2007 IFRS conducted training for teachers: “Partnership against violence in the family”.


The Project “Civil Education in Kyrgyzstan” of IFRS in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic and a Training and Development Institute (USA) in 2002 gives the opportunity to 6 teachers from different regions of the country to have training in the USA. Development and publication of the workbook of new generation for students and methodological workbook for teachers is the result of the project. In 2003-2004 students of pilot schools became a winners of regional, city, oblast and Republican Social Studies Competition. 


Total number of textbooks for students and workbooks for school teachers published by the Institute is 26 thousand and 230 copies. All published textbooks are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Kyrgyz Academy of Education.

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