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Institute for regional studies is a field for discussion forums on transitional societies. Leaders of civil society, political parties, community leaders, religious leaders, public officials, journalists, representatives of the international organizations take part in the discussion forums. The IFRS organizes round table discussions, conferences and seminars on pertinent issues of development and human security   such   as   inter-ethnic relations and pre-emption of conflict. These meetings bring together distinguished academic and specialists exploring the regional situation from different perspectives. Discussion forum materials are published in the newsletter “Orientations and Practice”. About 50 issues of the newsletter were published and distributed.

Discussion Forums

·         Kyrgyzstan :ethnics and policy”, Bishkek,  March, 2008
·         “Kyrgyzstan: the forms of government and state management”, January 28, 2006
·         “Domestic violence: the women and children”, Naryn region, July, 2006
·         “Democratic reforms and transformations Kyrgyzstan: a role of civil sector”, Oct. 2005
·         “Democratic Reforms and Reorganization in Kyrgyzstan” (with the Kyrgyzstan-Soros Foundation), Bishkek, Nov., 2005
·         “Political parties in the political system of Kyrgyzstan”, Forum, Bishkek, April, 2004.

Conferences, seminars and round table

·         “Ethnic communities of Kyrgyzstan: participation in political life of the country”, Bishkek, April, 2007

·         «Strengthening the Capacity of Minority and Indigenous Peoples to Advocate for the Implementation of International Standards» (cooperation with MRG), Bishkek, 2006

·         “Sub-regional Seminar «Minority rights: Cultural Diversity and Development in Central Asia» with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Bishkek, 2004


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